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Large Contoured Tire Applicator

Black & Green Applicator

These new large 4" x4" Durafoam applicators gets rid of sticky fingers, greasy hands, grime under your nails, messy towels, and uneven applications.


  • Superior product application and spread with every wipe
  • Reduces product waste
  • No more run's, drips, or waste
  • Washable and re-usable

DURAFOAM - pads are constructed with 2 different foam densities and contoured to your tire for superior even spreading and minimal product waste.
DURAFOAM - has rigid tough Durafoam perfect for easy griping which keeps your hands clean. The black inside foam is a contoured applicator designed and contoured to spread the dressing perfectly onto tire's and sidewalls.
The easy-grip ergonomic shape makes holding his premium applicator a pleasure while the close pored Durafoam makes this applicator awesome. The premium ergonomic design also protects your fingers and nails from grease, grime, and dirt! 

The Tire & Trim Applicator thankfully takes the mess out of the dress. Sturdy, durable foam is securely housed in a palm-sized, rectangular handle with finger grooves to eliminate slippage. The design of the applicator makes it easy to control and target specific areas. Achieving good-looking tires have never been easier or cleaner. This applicator also is terrific for attending to your trim. 


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