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The Detailer

Our Detailing Pack Includes A Quick Change Spray Detailer™ And A Speed Glaze™ Wax Detailer

Also Included In The Pack Is 4 FREE Microfiber Towels and 1 Free Micro Fiber applicator

Quick Change™ Spray Detailer - Route 66 Exotic Coatings™ Quick Detailer is billed as the slickest lubricant and detailer available. The wet look comes from a polymer resin base with wetting agents and lubricants. The anti static formula will reduce static charge and will help get rid of those annoying fingerprints and smudges. Route 66 Exotic Coatings Quick Change™ Detailer takes any wax, polish or sealant to the next level to give you a show car shine. No wax, no film, no streaking and no effort great for all painted surfaces, metal, chrome and even glass. A waterless wash, quick detailer, clay lube and glass cleaner ALL IN ONE. This Is The Best Spray Detailer Around!

Speed Glaze™ Wax Detailer - Speed Glaze™ Wax Detailer is a micro-emulsified refined acrylic blend of highly reflective liquid polymer fluids and glossing agents that create a durable, protective shine over your vehicle's paint. The glossing agents wet the paint to provide the liquid shimmer that is so popular among professionals, collectors, and enthusiasts. The tough barrier blocks out UV rays and airborne pollution and prevents water spots. Contaminants will slide off the paint effortlessly and water will bead months after applying this outstanding sealant. Speed Glaze™ Wax Detailer delivers a superior wet shine sprayable paint sealant coating. This wax detailer can also be used as a wax or sealant booster to enhance shine and durability.


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