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Speed Glaze Wax Detailer

Available in 16oz and 4oz sizes

The glossing agents wet the paint to provide the liquid shimmer that is so popular among professionals, collectors, and enthusiasts. The tough barrier blocks out UV rays and airborne pollution and prevents water spots. Contaminants will slide off the paint effortlessly and water will bead months after applying this outstanding sealant.

A great way to kick up the shine while saving time is by using a spray wax on your car's freshly washed exterior as you dry it such as Route 66 Exotic Coatings Speed Glaze™ Wax Detailer. Work around the vehicle one section at a time. Start by spraying the wax onto a clean towel, or directly onto the paint. Next, spread it around evenly, just as you would with a traditional wax. Let it dry to a dull haze and then buff it to a shine with a fresh towel. It's just that easy. This will leave your car shining like new and with an additional layer of protection between regular detailings.

16oz. Bottle$17.95
4oz. Bottle$5.95

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