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Speed Lighting Glass Cleaner

Speed Lightning™ Streak-Free, Tint Safe Glass Cleaner. Quite possibly is the best Window Cleaning liquid ever. Speed Lighting™ Streak Free Glass Cleaner sprays like water. No foam and no harsh smell. Just wipe and watch dirt, grease, water spots, smudges and just about anything disappear.

To ensure a streak free shine, use with Route 66 Exotic Coatings Waffle Microfiber Towel.

Although not a complicated process glass cleaning does require a few tricks you might not know.  Lint-free or microfiber towels work well, as long as they're clean. Route 66 Exotic Coatings formulated Speed Lightening™ Glass Cleaner specifically for automotive applications — it's better at pulling off airborne-stickiness, but won't harm your dash, leather or tinting because it's ammonia-free. For hard-to-reach areas of glass it's better to spray the glass cleaner onto the towel instead of the windows. Be sure not to allow anything but soft cotton or microfiber to touch window tint, as it is easily scratched

Directions for Use:

  1. Simply mist a small amount of Speed Lightning™ Glass Cleaner onto Waffle towel or surface.
  2. Work over glass in a circular or side-to-side manor to remove dirt and grease.
  3. Flip over dirty side of towel to clean area and polish glass for perfect streak free results.

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